Construction Injury Lawyer

Frequently Asked Construction Injury Questions

If you suffer an injury on a construction job, a number of various issues concerning insurance coverages and liability will arise. Notably, injured construction workers may have workers compensation and third-party liability coverage issues to balance (more on that in other FAQ’s). If you really want to maximize your recovery while saving yourself a ton of headache, a construction injury lawyer can sort all of that out for you.

Plus, even after paying attorney fees (I handle construction injury cases on a contingency basis which is discussed below), you will likely walk away with far more money in your pocket than if you try to handle your claim alone. Long story short, it is generally always in your best interest to work with a construction injury lawyer.

I handle construction injury cases on a contingent basis. In other words, I am not paid a fee until a case is successfully resolved and my fee is a percentage of the overall recovery. 

A contingency arrangement is advantageous for my clients because they do not pay me out-of-pocket and I am owed nothing in the event we are unsuccessful in recovering. I’ve found that even after paying attorney fees at the end of a case pursuant to a contingency arrangement, my clients walk away with far more money than if they would have handled their case alone.

I never recommend speaking with an insurance adjuster for the at-fault party prior to retaining a construction injury lawyer. While many insurance adjuster’s are very nice and friendly, their overarching goal is to minimize the amount of money their insurance company is obligated to pay on each claim. And they’re trained at accomplishing that goal; chances are that you do not have the same training.

Maybe, but whether you are limited to workers compensation following a construction injury is very fact dependent. The general rule of workers compensation is that you cannot sue your employer. But injuries on construction job sites are often caused by negligent third-parties or even when the general contractor is permitting some negligent behavior. If one or both of those occur, you may have a workers compensation claim plus an injury claim against the third-party that does not fall under workers compensation. These types of issues make contacting an experienced construction injury lawyer very important.

Damages vary from case-to-case, as to the amounts of recoverable damages. That said, common forms of what the law calls “economic damages” include recovery for medical charges and wage loss. “Non-economic damages” include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of a normal life, or disability and disfigurement. You may also obtain “future damages” based in part on expected costs of treatment in the future as well as expected future pain and suffering.

Construction accidents and resulting injuries can occur in a number of ways. The “big 4” or the four most common causes include: (1) falls; (2) electrocution; (3) being struck by an object; and (4) being caught between objects.

In Illinois, you must bring a legal claim within a specific time period which is called the “statute of limitations.” Most construction accident cases are subject to a two-year statute of limitations. However, the statute may be shorter than two years depending on a variety of factors. This is another reason why you should contact a construction accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident to ensure that your claim does not become barred by the statute of limitations.