Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction Injury Lawyer

Construction sites are inherently dangerous and prevalent with numerous risks, so it’s no surprise that a large amount of people are injured each year in construction accidents. When a construction accident occurs, the injured individual or their loved ones should seek the services of a construction accident lawyer. 

Working With Me

I spent a number of years in the construction industry as a non-union residential homebuilder and a union fire sprinkler fitter. I understand the risks involved in working residential, commercial, or industrial construction, and take a lot of pride in applying my practical construction experience when representing individuals injured in construction accidents. 


Frequently Asked Construction Accident Questions

I handle construction accident cases on a contingent basis. In other words, I am not paid a fee until a case is successfully resolved. My fee is a percentage of the overall recovery. 

Maybe, but this is a fact-dependent question. If a third-party is liable for causing your injuries, you might have a workers compensation claim against your employer’s workers compensation insurance as well as an injury claim against the third-party. 

Construction accidents occur in a variety of ways. The most common causes include: (1) falls; (2) being struck by an object; (3) electrocution; and (4) being struck by an object. 

Damages vary from case-to-case. That said, economic damages include recovery for medical charges and wage loss. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of a normal life, or disability and disfigurement. You may also obtain future damages. 

In Illinois, you must bring a legal claim within a specific time period which is called the “statute of limitations.” Most accident cases are subject to a two-year statute of limitations. However, the statute may be shorter depending on a variety of factors, which makes it imperative to contact a construction accident lawyer as soon as possible following an injury.