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glasses sitting on a contract

The basic elements of contract law

We enter into contracts every single day. Agree to the terms and condition? Contract. Get hired by a new client? Contract. This post contains the basic rules you need to know about the contracts you enter.

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new home construction with scaffolding
Construction & Real Estate

Illinois Construction Defect Claims

In Illinois, construction defect claims can be confusing and nuanced. If you are involved in an issue involving a construction defect, do yourself a major favor and work with an experienced construction lawyer.

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Fraud alert icon on a laptop.
Mass Tort & Class Actions

How can a fraud lawyer help me?

In some cases, victims of fraud may seek to recover compensation for their financial losses under the Illinois Consumer Fraud & Deceptive Business Practices Act.

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Workers Compensation

Construction Injury Lawyer

As a former non-union and union construction worker, I understand the issues construction workers face after an injury and take a ton of pride in helping injured construction workers get back on their feet.

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