How can a fraud lawyer help me?

The Illinois Consumer Fraud Act

The Illinois Consumer Fraud & Deceptive Businesses Practices Act is a law designed to protect consumers from businesses that prey on the public. As structured, the law seeks to prohibit business from scamming, misleading, deceiving, committing fraud, or making misrepresentations to the general public during trade or commerce. 

The Act provides for both civil and criminal liability. In the civil context, a private cause of action allows aggrieved individuals to recover financial damages from businesses and corporations that violate the Act. Consumers who are successful may be entitled to recover compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees.

Illinois Fraud Lawyer

Unfortunately, business and consumer fraud is fairly routine in American society. It seems like every single day I read a story about how consumers were ripped off because of a defective product, or credit card numbers being stolen, or even someone being swindled by an auto mechanic. Fortunately for victims of fraud in Illinois, the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act is a powerful law that allows fraud victims to recover for their financial injuries.

If you believe fraud has been committed against you, speak with a fraud lawyer. You might learn there is legal action you can take to obtain compensation for your financial injuries.

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