Injured in a construction accident? You need a construction injury lawyer.

Construction Injuries

Construction is obviously one of the most dangerous occupations in America. I saw a number of construction injuries when I worked as a union construction worker. I also saw the confusion that many of those injured workers faced following an injury. Should I file a workers compensation claim? Am I supposed to sue someone? Who is supposed to pay my medical bills? Today, I feel privileged to be able to answer those questions and help injured construction workers navigate their construction injury claims. 

Workers Compensation & Third-Party Lawsuits

Construction workers injured on-the-job are typically entitled to seek workers compensation benefits from their employer. Workers compensation is meant to pay for medical bills and provide temporary benefits when a construction worker is unable to return to work. 

In exchange for workers compensation protection, injured construction workers are generally prohibited from filing a lawsuit against their own employer. However, lawsuits may be filed against third-parties. This means that if a third-party was negligent in causing an injury, injured construction workers may generally obtain workers compensation benefits to provide temporary relief while seeking compensation from responsible third-parties through lawsuits.

Do I need a Construction Injury Lawyer?

Unless an injured construction worker moonlights as a lawyer, injured workers should always seek the advice of a construction injury lawyer following a construction injury. Trust me. As a former non-union and union construction worker, I saw a number of construction worker injuries. Most of those injuries resulted in a lot of confusion, a lot of headache, and a lot of stress – all of which was unnecessary and may have been avoided by letting a construction injury lawyer handle the claim while the injured worker focused on rehabilitation and getting back to work.  

Zach Anderson
Zach Anderson

I am a lawyer and partner at BRE Law. My practice is focused on representing individuals throughout Central Illinois who suffer physical, mental, and financial injuries.